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What exactly is a Talent Agent?

A talent agent is someone who represents talent to the entertainment industry.  An agent will submit you for acting work and negotiate your contract if you book a job.  We receive a percentage of the work you book, therefore we only do a percentage of the work.  It is your job to know your type, to get training, to be PREPARED professionally so we can send you out for these opportunities.


When is a good time to get an Agent?

Signing with an agency should happen when you are ready to start working professionally as an actor.  You should have training, experience, and an acting resume.  You should have the means to travel out of town for bookings and the equipment to produce a quality taped audition.  You should also have the skill and ability to BOOK JOBS!  When you are just starting out, you may not be ready for a talent agent just yet. 


How do I get representation with THE BLANCO AGENCY?

Please follow the instructions on our Seeking Representation page.

What is an Actor's Resume?

An Actor's Resume is very different from your usual business resume.  You don't have an "objective" listed, or your typing speed.  It is much different.

When creating your Actor Resume, please keep in mind that you are a performer, so we need you to list your performance related experience. For instance, include ALL of your acting and performing experience.  If you have performed as a singer, musician, or dancer more than an actor at this point in your career, then list all of that experience on your resume under either "Dance" or Music".  List all your training in acting, music, dance, stage combat, etc.  That includes ALL theater classes you have ever taken. Ever.

Here is a template to help you get started and organize your credits.  RESUME TEMPLATE

I submitted my headshot/resume for consideration for talent representation. I have not heard back. Should I re-submit or call the agency?

Please do not call the agency to follow up on submissions. We review every submission. Sometimes it takes us a while to call people, particularly when we are busy in the office. If we are interested in setting up a meeting, we will contact you. You are welcome to re-submit after 3-6 months or sooner if you have added new credits or training to your resume.


I’m new to the business. How do I get started in acting?

If you want to have a professional career as an actor, you must have a headshot and resume, and training.  It is not often that someone simply "gets discovered" drinking coffee somewhere. This is a very competitive career that millions dream about, and it takes hard work, commitment, drive and perseverance in order to be successful.  

We recommend getting into an acting class. Your craft is a muscle that needs to be constantly exercised.  


Do you represent babies?

No, we only represent talent 4 years old and older.


What types of artists do you represent?

We represent professional actors. 

We are not a booking agent for models, comedians, or musicians, nor do we represent writers, directors, stylists, or make up artists.  

Do you charge a fee for representation?

No, there are no fees charged up front. We work strictly on commission.  No monthly or annual fees to be signed with the agency.  You will never be REQUIRED to take a specific class in order to be represented by The Blanco Agency, nor be REQUIRED to shoot with a specific photographer.  

I would love to show you my skills in person!  What is your address so I can stop by?

Unfortunately we are an appointment-only office.  Please follow our submission instructions.  If we are interested in meeting with you, we will contact you. 

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