All actors seeking talent representation MUST have experience and training.  If you have never taken an Acting class, we highly recommend getting trained before signing to a professional talent agency.  

We do not represent babies and toddlers under the age of 4.

We accept EMAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY. No phone calls, please.


Our Talent Agency represents Actors for work in Commercials, Commercial Print, Industrials, Television, and Film.


Our  Talent Agency's THEATRICAL DIVISION consists of professional actors who audition regularly through professional taped auditions.  Our actors book work in tv, films, and Equity Theatre.  You do not need to reside in Texas to be a part of our Theatrical Division, but you do need to live in the Southeast region of the US (New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina).  Additionally, if you live in the Los Angeles or New York markets, you must have the ability to work as a local hire in the aforementioned regions.  You must have the ability to produce a professional quality taped audition when requested.  Monologue or demo reel required for acceptance.


Our Talent Agency's COMMERCIAL DIVISION consists of professional actors who are available for commercial and commercial print work all over TEXAS only.  You need to have a flexible schedule, training/experience, professionalism, and reliable transportation to attend these in person auditions, callbacks, and bookings.  Commercial Audition required for acceptance.

Those Seeking Talent Representation:

You can EMAIL the following to info@theblancoagency.com

  • Professional QUALITY Headshot(s):  a .jpg of your headshot, or a recent photo

  • Acting Resume:  .doc or .pdf format, or summary of experience

  • FOR THEATRICAL DIVISION:  Demo Reel or Taped monologues* - Please prepare TWO short contrasting monologues (prepared means memorized and worked on!), one comedic and one dramatic.  Each about one minute apiece. Please, no Shakespeare or videos shot on webcam.  Show us your BEST work - work to IMPRESS.

  • FOR COMMERCIAL DIVISION:  Please submit a Commercial Video.  Please prepare a commercial script for consideration:   COMMERCIAL AUDITION SCRIPTS

  • FOR MUSICAL THEATRE TALENT:  A sample of your singing and dancing

*Please send video submissions via Dropbox, We Transfer, or an online link (unlisted Youtube link)

Taped monologues should be shot with a solid background, preferably gray or blue, and with good lighting and sound.  The frame should be from the shoulders up and include a slate with your full name and height, along with the city you currently live.  If you shoot with your cell phone, please record in Landscape Mode (sideways).  

(These taping specifications are what would be needed in the event you had a taped audition, so please follow the directions exactly) **


Please allow at least 30 days for your Actor submission to be reviewed. Please do not call the talent agency to follow up on submissions. We review every submission. Sometimes it takes us a while to call people, particularly when we are busy in the office. If we are interested in setting up a meeting, we will contact you.

You are welcome to re-submit after 3-6 months or sooner if you have added new credits or training to your resume or obtained professional headshots.


If you are not contacted after you initially send in your photo, resume, and reel, please consider getting some formal training.  Acting is just like a sport, one only improves with practice and good training.


For additional submission information, please read our FAQ.